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Young Marine Mission

The mission of the Young Marines is to positively impact America's future by providing quality youth development programs for boys and girls that nurtures and develops its members into responsible citizens who enjoy and promote a heathly , drug-free lifestyle.

What is the Young Marines... and what it is Not!

The Biggest misconception in the Young Marines is that we are a recruiting tool for the Marine Corps. We are not!  We do not teach military tactics, warfare, hand to hand combat or anything related to this.  Now that we know what the Young Marines are not, let's begin looking at what the Young Marines is.

We teach discipline, leadership and teamwork.  Values that make the Young Marine the success that he/she is.

Discipline is the training expected to provide a specific character or pattern of behavior, especially training that produces moral or mental improvement.

Leadership is a process of getting things done through positive motivation of people.

Teamwork is cooperative effort by the members of a group or team to acheive a common goal.

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