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OUR Focus


Strengthing the Lives of America's Youth through quality mentorship  from one of the nation's premiere youth programs.

Recruit Training


We are not training future Marines and we do not recruit for the Marine Corps. What we do cover are some basic corps principles that follow the history, customs and courtesious of the Young Marines and Marine Corps.  Young Marines complete a minimum of 26 hrs of training with a standard training curricullum before earning the title of Young Marine.  



Leadership is a core component of the Young Marine Program.  Young Marine learn leadership traits and gain empowerment to lead others as they grow and promote within the program.  

Community Service

Young Marines conduct community service events during the year for other organizations, veterans groups, and many Young Marines do so much to on a regular basis they earn awards, recognition and can also earn the Presidental Service Award for Volunteerism

Guidance and Mentoring


Adult Volunteers (AV) in the program who bring professional and personal experiences to assist in training, mentoring and guidance of Young Marines assuring safety and compliance within the scope of Young Marine Policies.  Young Marines take ownership in their ability to train and mentor other Young Marines under AV guidance

Training Opportunities


Young Marines have training opportunities on a unit, Battalion, Regiment, Division and National level throughout the year.  Many Young Marines participate in National Training Programs that take them all over the world.  There are also, Junior, Senior and Advanced Leadership Schools, First Aid/CPR, Scuba, Aviation, History Tours and more.

Family Values


Family values start in the home.  We encourage and work with parents and guardians to strengthen family values.  We offer families external resources for assistance and Southland Young Marines are a family themselves.  Young Marines young and old still connect and maintain relations with one another over the years. 

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